Conference time and location

时 间:2023年10月21日至22日

Time: October 21-22, 2023

地 点: 广东省珠海市北京师范大学珠海校区

Location:Zhuhai Campus of Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai, Guangdong Province


Conference Theme and Call for Papers



Beijing Normal University (BNU, Zhuhai Campus) and the Asia-Pacific Applied Economics Association (APAEA) will jointly organize the international conference on the theme of post-pandemic economy, aimed at exploring and re-examining hypotheses and theories related to economic and financial recovery and sustainability. These issues matter not only due to the pandemic but also in light of climate change, digitalization, emergence of fintech, entrepreneurship, innovation, central banking related policies, international trade and finance, and economic perspectives of the Greater Bay Area.

The conference welcomes submissions in all fields of economics and finance, especially sustainable financial development with implications for international finance and monetary policy, effects of climate change on international financial systems, and the progress or otherwise of financial markets in light of global policy. The conference will include invited keynote speeches, invited speaker sessions and panels, and parallel sessions. In addition, excellent research papers will be selected by the Editor-in-Chief of JIFMIM for submission to the Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions & Money.


Paper Acceptance and Review




The organizing committee will review all submitted papers. The deadline for paper submission is September 10, and the results will be communicated to the corresponding authors by September 30, 2023. Registration and other conference-related matters will be sent to the paper authors. Submission guidelines for JIFMIM will be sent to the authors after the conference.

All papers submitted to the conference will be reviewed by the organizing committee. Papers selected for presentation at the conference will be invited for submission to a JIFMIM. Submitted papers will undergo the normal JIFMIM review process.

In addition to this review process, all papers presented at the conference will have a discussant and it is expected that before papers are submitted for formal reviews at the JIFMIM, authors would have undertaken revisions based on the discussant report.


Keynote Speakers

Jonathan Batten 教授(皇家墨尔本理工大学),《国际金融市场机构与货币》期刊(JIFMIM)主编。

Ying Kong教授 (北京师范大学),湾区国际商学院院长。

Key Ke Liu 教授 (南方科技大学),南方科技大学讲席教授、创新与创业学院院长和清洁能源研究所院长,澳大利亚技术与工程学院研究员。

Paresh Narayan 教授 (莫纳什大学),Emerging Markets Finance & Trade主编,APAEA创办人、主席。

Professor Jonathan Batten (RMIT University)

Professor Ying Kong (Beijing Normal University)

Professor Key Ke Liu (SUSTech)

Professor Paresh Narayan (Monash University)

The keynote speakers will be Professor Jonathan Batten (RMIT University), the Editor-in-Chief of Journal of International Financial Markets Institution & Money (JIFMIM), Professor Ying Kong, the Dean of the Bay Area International Business School, Beijing Normal University, Prof Key Ke Liu, the Chair Professor of the Southern Univ. of Science & Technology, the Dean of School of Innovation & Entrepreneurship and Dean of Clean Energy Institute, and Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering Fellow, and Professor Paresh Narayan (Monash University), the Editor-in-Chief of Emerging Markets Finance & Trade and Founder & President of the APAEA.


Paper Submission

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All papers (in complete draft form) should be submitted by September 10, 2023 at the following online submission link: (ps:please using the “join us” on the upper right corner of the page to get the free membership)

A PDF version of the paper should also be emailed to


The detailed submission procedures are as follows:

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